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Hojo Studio
Sydney, Australia


Avaliable Now on Steam
Available NOW on Steam for Mac + PC

Godfeather for Switch
Launches on Nintendo Switch August 15, 2024

Godfeather for iOS
Launches on iPhone + iPad August 15, 2024

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Godfeather for Android
Coming to Android late 2024

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Brazil Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese

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    Accolades & Showcases

  • Showcased at Generation Games Sydney - April 2024
  • Selected for SXSW Sydney Games Festival - October 2023
  • Selected for the Screen Australia Games Expansion Pack - July 2023

    Selected for the Screen Australia Games Expansion Pack
  • Selected for IGEA Australian Delegation Showcase at GDC - March 2023
  • PAX Australia Indie Rising - October 2023
  • PAX Australia Indie Rising - October 2022

  • Description

    The Godfeather is a mafia pigeon roguelike combining elements of stealth, open world exploration and poop… lots of poop.

    Players take on the role of an associate in the pigeon underworld, tasked with taking back “the old neighborhood” - territory lost to their enemies, both human and bird alike.

    The game’s “swoop & poop” gameplay takes place across a series of procedurally generated levels, each featuring a set of targets that need to be “dealt with” pigeon-style to achieve victory, before encountering a deadly area boss.

    As the player progresses further, their legend increases among the pigeon underworld - could they be the next Godfeather?


    • Fast-paced “swoop & poop” gameplay - unleash terror on your enemies from above
    • Dynamic procedurally generated levels split across three brutal neighborhoods, each filled with unique targets and hazards: The Suburbs (available in demo), The Boidwalk and The Town.
    • Hot Pursuit - The enemy has spies everywhere. Get spotted by a cockatoo lookout and they’ll call the APD (Anti-Pigeon Drone) to capture you. You have seconds to find a tree or dumpster to hide in, or you’re busted.
    • Earn Crumb & Golden Twigs to survive - In between runs, players can visit The Roost to fit out their pigeon with the very latest in boid technology - upgrading their abilities and equipping useful items to increase their chance of surviving a little longer each time.
    • These streets are dangerous - Drones aren’t the only thing a pigeon has to worry about - cats stalk the rooftops, Lawn Karens have garden hoses trained at the sky and deadly owls are just waiting to swoop you at sunset.
    • Epic Boss Encounters - Each neighborhood is guarded by a savage boss the pigeon must defeat before proceeding. Each requiring cunning, lightspeed precision and poop.



    Hojo Studio was formed in 2013 by Rick Salter and Jola Szymanska, two designers from Sydney, Australia. In 2022, Stephanie Salter joined as Executive Producer and Chief Operating Officer.

    Our DNA lies in unique characters, wild ideas and original IP everyone can enjoy. Our creative process begins by imagining endearing, unique concepts we can shape entire worlds around. Our goal is to elicit what we call “the Hojo Smile”. A cheeky, adorable irreverence in our games that fans find memorable and instantly fall in love with. We build uniquely Australian games - charming and cheeky in equal measure.

    Entirely self-funded in the early years, we have recently benefited from Screen Australia funding to build our latest game, The Godfeather: A Mafia Pigeon Saga. Hojo is a family orientated studio who value equity, collaboration and kindness. This is reflected in the team, the games we make and the partners we work with.

    We passionately believe in the artform of games and their potential to build inclusive, fun experiences for families and friends. We believe art and entertainment can be the same thing. And should always have the courage not to take itself too seriously.

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    Godfeather Gameplay
    Godfeather Gameplay
    Godfeather Gameplay
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    Godfeather Gameplay
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    Godfeather Gameplay


    Executive Producer:
    Stephanie Salter

    Game Design:
    Rick Salter + Jola Szymanska

    Rick Salter

    2D Artwork/UI:
    Jola Szymanska

    Music & Sound Design:
    Rick Salter

    3D Modeling:
    Jola Szymanska + Rick Salter

    Animation & Effects:
    Rick Salter